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Stelios Kerasidis, the 7-year-old Greek pianist and composer who has stunned the entire world with his talent, has now composed a new work, titled...

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For entertainment, Romans traveled to large arenas such as the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, or a theater. In the Colosseum, Romans watched games or spectacles known as ludi. These ludi included animal fights, and gladiator fights. Occasionally the Colosseum was …

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The Ancient Greeks, specifically the boys, enjoyed physical activities, such as playing hockey. The boys often played their games naked so girls could not watch them play. Ancient Greeks also enjoyed going to the theater for their entertainment. The theater had events that they could relate to their everyday lives such as dramas and comedies.

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Most Greek cities had a theatre. It was in the open air, and was usually a bowl shaped arena. All the actors were boys or men. The plays were comedies funny or tragedies sad.

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Sirina entertainment is the only Greek production company that offers exclusive Greek content. Watch glamorous films with scenario, with exclusive models at spectacular Greek locations, all directed by Dimitris Seirinakis.

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Despite the crisis, Greeks will always find a way to have fun. Typical day for entertaiment is Saturday morning and mostly, Saturday night, because most Greeks don`t work on Sunday mornings. In today`s post I will show you some pictures of how Pontian Greeks entertain themselves! It`s traditional, fun and certainly, not to be missed! …

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The exact origins of tragedy (tragōida) are debated amongst scholars. Some have linked the rise of the genre to an earlier art form, the lyrical performance of epic poetry. Others suggest a strong link with the rituals performed in the worship of Dionysos such as the sacrifice of goats - a song ritual called trag-ōdia - and the wearing of masks. Indeed, Dionysos became known as the god of theatre and perhaps there is another connection …

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Entertainment in Ancient Greece Entertainment in Ancient Greece Discover how the ancient Greeks entertained themselves with fun and games, theater, and sports competitions such as …

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Welcome to Encore Pambris Brothers – where we have been proudly providing our Greek Australian community with Greek entertainment since 1989!

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The greek word for entertainment is "diaskedasi" gr: διασκέδαση (entertain=diaskedazw gr: διασκεδάζω). It comes from dia + skedazw meaning via + dissolve, vanish, throw pieces away...

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Our Greek bouzouki players and bands offer both modern and classic Greek songs as well as upbeat bands who can mix Greek songs and English music if required and include a DJ set in their breaks - everything you need for fantastic Greek themed entertainment. For Greek wedding entertainment, we can provide you with authentic musicians who offer ...

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Greek literature, body of writings in the Greek language, with a continuous history extending from the 1st millennium bc to the present day. From the beginning its writers were Greeks living not only in Greece proper but also in Asia Minor, the Aegean Islands, and Magna Graecia (Sicily and southern Italy). Later, after the conquests of Alexander the Great, Greek became the common language of ...

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Oct 01, 2019 · Welcome to my channel. Here, you can watch edited entertaining videos.

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Greece entertainment includes numerous archaeological sites, museums and galleries. Greece entertainment is and ideal mix of tradition with modernity. The theaters and cinemas and concerts in Greece gives a feel of the rich civilization. Everybody, from the young to the old gets entertained in Greece.

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Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre talk about the form of entertainment in ancient Greece. The theater in ancient Greece was used for festivals for the first time. It was also a part of the religious festivals. They loved seeing the performance in theater because the ancient Greeks loved dancing and singing.

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The ancient Greeks did many things for their own entertainment. At home, symposid were dinner party meetings held for a man's enjoyment. They played handmade/weaved instruments. Example; the 'Lyre ...