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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is set in 44 B.C. and was written by William Shakespeare in 1599 A.D. Julius Caesar reigned over the Roman Empire from 67 B.C. to 44 B.C. until he was assassinated. Although it is set in ancient Rome and was written during the Renaissance, the play holds several themes that are still present for us today.

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Julius Caesar Webquest: Introduction; How to Complete Your Project; Conclusion; Works Cited; You've finished reading the play. So what do you think? Who's the good guy? Who's the villain? Is Brutus as noble as he thinks? Was Caesar as dastardly as he was made out to be? What about Antony? Was he really the most noble character? Would you want ...



JULIUS CAESAR GROUP WEBQUEST ASSIGNMENT.doc Enduring Heroes - greek epic drama.doc MOVEHERO.PPT ANTONY.doc GREEK GOD LISTS 5TH HR.doc Greg Horn - Medusa.jpg Julius Caesar Study Guide Acts I.rtf caesar-act-i-study-guide-answers.doc Julius Caesar Background Info.doc JULIUS CAESAR SUMMARIES A2-5.doc Julius Summaries Act 2-Act5.rtf Julius Caesar ...

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Directions: The purpose of this webquest is to gain some insight into the life and times of both William Shakespeare, author of the play Julius Caesar, and Julius Caesar himself.Complete each task below using the links provided. You will need to type out all your answers on a Word document. Make sure to continuously save.

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Mar 07, 2017 · Julius Caesar - Webquest with Key (Ancient Rome) - This 10 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the history of Julius Caesar during Ancient Rome. It contains 31 questions from a great history website. It comes with a Google …

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Julius Caesar Conquers and Falls Roman Weapons and Armor Expert : You and your partner will research the kinds of weapons and style of armor worn by both common soldiers and …

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This series is a continuation of two other collections of world history lesson plans. Republic to Empire: The History of Ancient Rome. Assignments and Interactive Activities on The Roman Empire. Webquests on Julius Caesar. A Quest to Find World War One. Early Africa and Its Kingdoms.

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Shakespeare's Biography - a webquest Created by Audrey Cabrera (Ac. Nice) The Life and Times of William Shakespeare! - a webquest "By researching his life and the society in which he lived students will gain an appreciation of the environment in which Shakespeare's plays were written and therefore a better understanding of the plays themselves."

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Jul 14, 2013 · For full page click here: Julius Caesar Webquest Introduction: You are traveling back in time to visit the Roman Republic in 44B.C. The republic is an early proto-democracy, in which the wealthy high status men known as patricians elect representatives. Our contemporary Senate is modeled after theirs. But despite its democratic leanings, Rome is ready…

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A resource page for Educational Technology. Welcome: Background on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Description: Research for and creation of a Powerpoint presentation to present to the class on a topic relating to Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Grade Level: 9-12 Curriculum: English / Language Arts Keywords: Shakespeare, JuliusCaesar, research, drama, PowerPoint

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Caesar's first important political success came in 63 B.C.E. , when he was elected pontifex maximus, the chief religious office in Rome that carried important political possibilities. Caesar was then elected praetor (an elected Roman official) for 62 B.C.E. and served his propraetorship in Spain. Caesar was quick to take advantage of his power by waging a successful campaign against some native tribes in Lusitania, a Roman prov…

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Julius Caesar- Web quest! Step 1: The Writer: Step 2: A bit about the play: Step 3: The story: Step 4: Characters: Step 5:The play: Bibliography: Welcome! Welcome to the Julius Caesar webquest. The answers to these questions can be found through the links on the left side of the page. By completing these tasks, i hope you learn a bit about the ...

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1. Julius Caesar Historical Background. 2. Biography Base - Julius Caesar (This is a lot of information. Just skim it and try to get the main points of the beginning, middle, and end of his life.) 3. Encyclopedia of World Biography- Julius Caesar. 4. Biography of Caesar (You only have to click on the "Youth" and "Early Career" links! However ...

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Julius Caesar webquest. Your Task Julius Caesar The Play Feedback Choose at least three of the following links ... Caesar Overview Video. Caesar's Biography - Article. Caesar's Timeline. Focus on 60-40 B.C. The Assassination of Julius Caesar (video) Crash Course - The Roman Empire (video) 5 Things You Should Know About Caesar's Death - Video.

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View Copy of Julius Caesar Webquest.docx from AA 1Julius Caesar/Shakespeare Webquest Shakespeare WebQuestJulius Caesar Purpose: To acquaint ourselves with …

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"Beware The Ides of March: A Webquest on Julius Caesar": Introduction. Here is a statue of Julius Caesar, a consul who played a great role in the disintegration of the Roman republic. Ancient Rome Ancient Greece Ancient Art Ancient History Roman History Art History Gaius Julius Caesar



JULIUS CAESAR - WEBQUEST COPY-AND-PAST E the following website into your brower to complete your WEBQUEST.

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Mar 24, 2016 · Rome, Caesar, and a little Shakespeare: Building Background Directions: Click on the following links and answer the correlating questions by restating each question in a mature well-written response. Place all answers on one document that you will upload in Canvas.